Web based management system 

With our web based job management system in place we can monitor each task from initial tendering to design and construction ensuring each project is successfully completed exceeding expectations.

Our experienced team of Project manager, Contract Administration and Estimator, Leading hands and Electricians all have the industry experience for any size project no matter the value. 

All our field staff work with IPAD’s on our cloud based system. This small simple device with the powerful job software, gives live visibility for all jobs and access to all project documents and company procedures. This keeps communication between the office and field in real time and also ensures compliance is met for every task. 


  • We can give you real time location and GPS coordinates of our technicians. 

  • Work orders can be sent straight to our system uploading to automatically creating a live job. 
  • Photos and task notes relating to the job are stored on the cloud or any follow up works or disputes. 
  • Real time login of jobs with GPS and time so accurate labour and materials are invoiced and not left to employees discretion. 
  • Accurate job status by simple phone call or email.


  • Monitor Workplace safety, generate quotes, order materials and schedule staff with click of a button. 

  • We have visibility of our staff at all times. 
  • Invoicing can be completed as soon as technician is finished onsite. 
  • Electronic Electrical Safety Certificates issued on the spot. 
  • All documents and task notes relating to the job are easily directed and available. 
  • We are Paperless and all leads to higher productivity!


With the environment now a responsibility of companies on national scale it is important that we have awareness and systems in place to prevent environmental issues. JCW is committed to responsible environmental management in every task or project. Our environmental management policy is to the AS14001 standard complying with legislative requirements and codes of practice required.


Our experienced team from Estimator, Contract Management, Project manager and Electricians with our comprehensive management system all have and active involvement in each project.

The management of projects through our web based program ensures that all staff have visibility of tasks from the office to the field making sure that communication and up to date costings and documents are always available. Our Project managers and Leading Hands are committed to delivering the projects and take responsibility for all works onsite including the management of Subcontract trades. With a strong commitment to the project they often think outside the square to ensure each task and trades work efficiently and provide solutions rather than complications. Our Estimators also contract manage the project which proves valuable ensuring project knowledge is retained and fluent for every job.

Our System delivers a suite of web based Electrical Contracting software products that annually increase profits and potentially reduce costs by hundreds of hours per year.